Earthrise|First Impact - Sci-Fi FPS MMO Background


Earthrise: First Impact is a sandbox MMORPG shooter with an innovative player development system. In a distant future clones, nanotechnology and quantum mechanics are all part of a new reality.

Large corporations control the last place where mankind can survive. But a far greater danger is lurking apart from a lack of resources, crime and conflicts of interest: animal and plant mutation. The player is free to choose his role within the cooperative teamplay system and can use the sandbox game mechanics to shape his own destiny.

The player’s actions influence the world of Earthrise, whether as a soldier in a terrible conflict, a criminal on the run from the law or a world renowned engineer, whose power extends far into the world of economics and politics.

First Impact

In 2046 the Earth was struck by a meteor shower that crashed down out of the night and the sky was ablaze for hours before it grew dark again. The Earth was enveloped in an icy mist of dust, and many earthquakes left hardly a stone standing; what should have taken millennia happened in a single day and changed the face of the Earth for ever.

A noxious atmosphere slowly developed that claimed the lives of the majority of the population; only those who managed to find a place of safety under the earth away from the constant earthquakes survived. It was some time before the dark sky became light again and the first rays of sun were felt on the ground and mankind emerged from the ruins of the former civilization to rebuild it.

During reconstruction, a new type of crystal was discovered where a meteorite had struck and entirely new organisms and life forms appeared to be thriving in the environment. The survivors soon learned that the crystal had some intriguing properties and could be used to produce energy and other materials. A whole industry built up around the crystal, which soon became the principle resource and people disregarded the highly toxic and harmful effects resulting from exposure to it. The crystal converted oxygen, vital for the existence of humans and animals, into a poisonous, unknown substance that caused living beings to mutate.

It is now 263 years after the catastrophe, and almost all humans are infertile and a cloning station on the Moon has been built far away from the crystals to ensure the survival of humankind. Many have already lost their lives and many others will surely follow; thousands of stories have been told of how it all started, and your story is just about to begin...




Set yourself challenges with your friends and fight alongside them. You can combine your various skills to complement each other perfectly.

Free Skillsystem

You are free to choose which skills you want to increase with no restrictions imposed, and can therefore define your own class. (in development)

No Max Skill Level

You are free to spend as many skill points on a single skill as you like, and there is no restriction on how many points can be assigned to a skill. (in development)


You can choose your role and specialization based on how you spend your skill points. (in development)

Skillpoint Traders

You can decide when and how many skill points you want to spend. Simply go to the skill point trader and buy points in exchange for your accumulated experience. (in development)

RPG Skills

You can define what your character will be by choosing his combination of skills rather than by his class alone. Besides weapon and crafting skills, device abilities are also available that can support and strengthen your team. (in development)



Practically any item can be crafted, and the crafter will have to collect them rather than have all the blueprints available immediately. Blueprints state the materials and crafting station you require to build an item and the quality of the item produced will depend on your crafting skill. (in development)

Item Decay

Nothing lasts for ever, so keep a close eye on your equipment to ensure it won’t let you down in dangerous and deadly situations. Become part of an advanced economy with player-driven trading and professions. (in development)

Quality and Stats

Items have different levels of quality and stats, which can vary dramatically depending on whether they have been built by an NPC or a crafter. (in development)


Every weapon, item and device has its own skill requirements. (in development)


Modify your weapon to get the most out of it. Change the type of damage or improve weapon quality; a large range of modifications is available. (in development)


Besides modifications, you can also spend experience to upgrade your weapon. Warning: the higher you get, the greater the likelihood that your sophisticated upgrade could fail. (in development)


Dynamic Factions System

Status and sympathies will be greatly influenced by the missions you have selected and the players’ behavior. So be careful: today’s friends could be tomorrow’s enemies. (in development)

8 different Factions

No boring black and white affiliation here; You can choose from eight playable factions in which you can choose and forge your destiny. (in development)

RPG - Identification

Listen to the faction agents who will explain why you should fight for them; but you may decide to remain neutral. There are pros and cons of joining a faction or staying neutral. (in development)

Advanced PvP

Friendly Fire

Always ensure you have enough cover during combat; the bullets of your friends may also prove deadly!

Open World PvP

Explore an area of over 250km² and discover new locations that no one has ever visited before. A battle can flare up anytime and anywhere fueled by greed, revenge or glory.

Territory Control - Massive Battles

Conquer outposts throughout the entire world with your friends, and build and expand bases to earn bonuses. (in development)

Penalty System / Karma

You can break the law or betray your allies, but remember: hardly anyone likes a criminal; not even the criminals themselves! (in development)

Player Loot System

Not only the body, but also items can be restored after death. However, not all the items will make the restoration process and your enemies may be only too grateful to acquire the things you drop. (in development)

Multi-level PvE

Dynamic Missions

Besides chain quests, Earthrise: First Impact contains dynamic missions that you and your friends can carry out and which can be accessed at special terminals. (in development)

Chain Quest

Experience the world and the stories behind them. Feel the RPG. (in development)

Tons of Different Enemies and Monsters

Remain vigilant in this increasingly dangerous world of bandits, outsiders, robots, mutating plants and animals.

Epic Boss-Fights

As the game has an open world, raids may be not be quite what you expect, but one thing is sure: the battles will be epic! (in development)

The World

Unique Setting

Sense the danger, immerse yourself in a world of technology and tread the delicate path between friendship and betrayal.

Epic Storyline

Plunge headlong into the game and follow the story to find out what really happened and what is in store for you. (in development)

Huge Persistent Open World

An area of over 250km² to explore, where you can find new places that no one else has yet visited.

Teleport Network

Travel through the world to discover and activate the teleporter in the network.

Civil and Military Vehicles

Use can use many vehicles, both civil and military ones, to blast anything out of your way. (in development)